Dry Type Transformers

Our dry-type transformers consists of high quality resin insulation to ensure a long life.

Our dry-type transformers are built to last, with advanced features and technologies that ensure maximum energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements.


One of the key advantages of our dry-type transformers is their safety. They are free of oil and other flammable substances, which makes them less hazardous and safer to operate. They are also less prone to fire hazards and do not require additional fire protection syste

General features

Our Medium voltage dry-type transformers are built to withstand the most rigorous industry standards, like those of IEC, NEMA and ANSI C.57. These units can meet your needs without sacrificing performance or safety.


Dry-type transformers, also known as resin-cast transformers, are electrical transformers with coils enclosed by epoxy resin, making installation more straightforward as they require no cooling oil. Also, they do not have to be within a fireproof storage facility. In addition, the layer of epoxy helps to keep dust and corrosion at bay.


  • Industry-standard: Meets rigorous industry standards for reliable performance and safety
  • No oil: Don’t require cooling oil, making them safer and more environmentally friendly.
  • Dust and corrosion-resistant: The epoxy resin that encloses the coils protects them against dust and corrosion.
  • No fireproof storage: Don’t need to be stored in a fireproof facility, making them more flexible to install.
  • Easy installation: The absence of cooling oil makes them easy to install


Sustainable and Efficient: Our Medium voltage dry-type transformers are not only designed for safety and durability but also for sustainability. With their high efficiency, they reduce energy loss and thus, contribute to lower energy consumption and carbon footprint, aligning with eco-friendly business practices.
Versatile Applications: Ideal for a wide range of applications, these transformers are perfect for use in commercial buildings, industrial plants, renewable energy systems, and other settings where safety and environmental concerns are paramount.
Low Maintenance: Thanks to their robust design, these transformers require minimal maintenance, saving time and resources over their operational lifespan.
Noise Reduction: Engineered to operate quietly, our dry-type transformers are suitable for installations where noise levels are a concern, such as in urban or residential areas.

For more information on the pros and cons of a Cast Resin transformer, read our blog. 

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Generation Step-up Units (GSU)       |       Transmission Substations       |      Distribution Substations       |      Industrial Plants       |      EV Charge Infrastructure      |      Chemicals & Petrochemicals       |      Wind Energy       |       Solarfields

Generation Step-up Units (GSU)   |   Transmission Substations   |  Distribution Substations   |  Industrial Plants   |  EV Charge Infrastructure  |  Chemicals & Petrochemicals   |  Wind Energy   |   Solarfields


Distribution Transformers are used in a variety of applications, including Generation Step-up Units (GSUs), Transmission Substations, Distribution Substations, Industrial Plants, EV Charge infrastructure, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Wind Energy, and Solar Fields. These transformers are essential in stepping up or down the voltage levels for efficient power transmission and distribution, as well as providing reliable power for manufacturing processes and safety systems. Whether in the energy sector, manufacturing industry, or electric vehicle infrastructure, Distribution Transformers play a crucial role in enabling efficient, safe, and reliable power delivery.


On request cable covers over LV and / or US connections. Also Elastimold or Pfisterer cable connections are possible on request.

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Every transformer we sell comes with a 5-year warranty, providing our customers with confidence in the quality of our products. In addition to the warranty, we also offer service and maintenance throughout Europe.